In accordance with AB391, which was passed on August 17, 2012, new procedures for California Pawnbrokers (PBs) and Secondhand Dealers (SHDs) when reporting property transactions to their Local Law Enforcement Agencies were established.  PBs and SHDs will be required to use a single, statewide, electronic reporting system, which the California Department of Justice has developed and is known as the California Pawn and Secondhand Dealer System (CAPSS)

What does that mean to consignors?

Upon acceptance of a seller's item for consignment, the seller must provide a valid form of identification and submit their signature and fingerprint electronically for the CAPSS database as the legal owners of the item(s). 

Is there any exception to CAPSS compliance?

No, ALL items accepted for consignment are required to be submitted to CAPSS, regardless of size, age, or value. Yes, Even original items created by artists or others. 

More information on the CAPSS system can be found on the California Department of Justice Website. 



California Pawnbroker and Secondhand Dealers System