“Earth without Art is just, eh.”
- Author Unknown 

  Kari & Catt Thompson


Kari’s Treasure Trove is a family business whose mission is to bring together talented artisans and art lovers, bridging the gap between the internet, art, and accessibility. Located in Newman Ca, we showcase unique and creative Decorative and Fine Art in the California Central Valley’s West Side. New treasures and vintage finds also share space to tell a story of beautiful (and affordable) things. Up-cycled items stand next to consignments of the more traditional tried and true variety. Our gallery is a great place to discover and share a love for the unique, original, or repurposed. 

 Our emphasis is on the artistic, both from the artist or craftsman and for you or your home.

“You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.”
- C.S. Lewis

The Gallery and the St. George Hotel

The Historic St. George Hotel

Our store is located inside the beautiful and historic St. George Hotel.

Located at 1342 Main Street in downtown Newman, Ca. The hotel was built in 1908 and still holds much of it's architectural charm. For years we have dreamt of opening a business in Newman, and each time the topic of location came up, the St. George Hotel was the first place we thought of.  As time unfolded and our business plans began to blossom, we were so thankful and excited that the St. George was available for us to call home.

We want to contribute to the vibrant yet quaint community that is downtown Newman.

We are proud to be able to contribute to our community by offering another venue for The Arts on the West Side. 

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